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Domestic Locksmiths : Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock (UK) is a leading supplier of high security locks, padlocks and security devices.

They are ideal for use in the home as well as for securing garages, sheds and garden gates.

All Mul-T-Lock's come with the added benefit that the keys can only be cut by a Mul-T-Lock dealer who will require the card issued when the locks were supplied. This means that anyone that holds a key cannot have that key reproduced without your knowledge.

There are three main Mul-T-Lock solutions.

Garrison Security Range

The Garrison Security Range comprises of a variety of locking solutions, ideal for use in your home.

Each product offers a 7 pin locking mechanism, and offer protection against picking, drilling and bumping.

The product range includes:

  • Night latch - fits on the inside of your door and provides automatic locking when the door is closed; it is used in conjunction with the rim cylinder.
  • Rim cylinder - can be used with virtually all night latches.
  • Euro dead lock - can be fitted in conjunction with a night latch for added security, it is used in conjunction with a euro double cylinder.
  • Double cylinder - can be used to operate both dead and sash mortice locks. They are commonly found on uPVC doors. European, UK and Scandinavian styles are available.
  • Euro sash locks - used where a latch and door handle are needed, for example back doors. It includes a box strike that is used in conjunction with the double euro cylinder.
  • Single cylinder - operates most modern garage door locks and is available in European, UK and Scandinavian styles.
  • High security padlocks - extra strong and built in engineering concepts provide the exact level of security you require.
  • Double cylinder with thumb turn - can be used with both dead and sash mortice locks. Also ideal for use with garden gate locks. Available in European and UK styles.
  • Break secure anti-snapping cylinder - protects your home from snapping attacks and holds Kite mark accreditation, as well as being approved by both the police and insurance companies.

All Locks within the Garrison Security Range can either be:

  • Keyed alike - meaning every lock can be operated with only one key without compromising security;
  • Keyed to differ - each lock has its own key;
  • Master Keyed - this allows a master key holder to open all locks with one key, whilst allowing other key holders to only open specific locks.


This high security lock combines two locking mechanisms that operate independently, yet in combination provide a more secure lock that has greater resistance to picking, drilling and bumping.

As with all Mul-T-Locks the keys can only be cut by a Mul-T-Lock dealer who will require the card issued when the locks were supplied.

This lock is ideal for use where a master key system is required, and if a key is lost it is not necessary to change the cylinder as the 'combination' can be changed and a new key supplied by us.


Smartair provides a secure wirefree access control system, suitable for use on internal and external doors.

The Smartair system reduces the cost and inconvenience associated with installing a traditional access control system. It can be fitted to existing euro door locks with the option of keeping the existing key system.

The unit includes the power supply, controller, reader and blocking device all in one.

System management is quick and easy, allowing the easy addition or removal of user cards and fobs as required.